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Text submission guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing a text to enrich our blog and thus help enthusiasts like you to surpass themselves and to learn more about the industry.

We invite you to read the following carefully in order to better prepare yourself for writing and sending your text.

You are ...

... first and foremost passionate about woodworking and related aspects. Whether it is your main job, your hobby, your subject of study or your future aspiration, you are dedicated to it wholeheartedly. You are a master, foreman, apprentice, teacher, retiree. Woodworkers, handymen, carpenters, architects, designers, decorators, kitchen designers, cabinet makers, dealers, distributors, contractors, traders, industrialists, manufacturers, artists, institutions: you are cordially invited to contribute.

You are also anyone who revolves around the wood industry, construction, renovation, heritage, construction, forestry, the environment, scientific research, education. You are also an accountant for a general contractor, truck driver or order picker without whom the products could not be routed or properly accounted for. You work in the workshop, in the factory, on construction sites, on an internship, at home, in the offices, in the store, in your truck.

In short, you are directly or indirectly interested in all aspects of our field and you want to share your passion and your expertise.

Publishing on our blog allows you to:

  • Share your experiences, your knowledge, your methods, results, your expertise, your passion.
  • Have your name on a public publication 
  • Enjoy visibility other than on your social networks, your website or your blog.
  • Share your article as you wish in your social networks, your website or your blog.
  • Use your article (s) as a business card, as a portfolio

What we are looking for in the proposed text


The text must be entirely original and authentic, that is to say that you have composed it yourself (other people can of course help you correct it). You wrote it expressly for our blog. We will not publish a text or part of it that has already been published elsewhere on the web or in print, even if it was written by you. However, you can take advantage of publishing your article on our blog to share it on all your social networks, your own blog and your website.

Style and tone

Your article will reflect the tone used by Bois Expansion in all its written and oral communications. We tend to be casual, without being too familiar. If your subject calls for it, it could be more technical or scientific. We use standard English addressed mainly to Quebecers and Canadians, but also to the international community. If you must use jargon, which is a word or phrase only understood by people in the industry, you will give one or more synonyms or give a brief explanation. Respect in every sense of the word will prevail in your article.

How our products and services have served you

In your text, indicate how the products and services of Bois Expansion have enabled you to create timeless, original and durable designs. We invite you to include one or a few mentions of our products and services.  

Free from spelling and syntax errors

Before sending it to us, review your text for spelling and syntax errors. That said, don't censor yourself, don't prevent yourself from writing.  Start by putting out all your ideas, your concepts, your opinions, your analyzes. Don't think about potential mistakes at this step. Read aloud to summarize, to rephrase, to eliminate what is superfluous, repetitive or unnecessary. Get straight to the point. Only when you are satisfied with all of your text will you think of correcting it. To do so, use the various correction and conjugation tools available on the web, such as Grammarly or Reverso.  In your word processing software, run the spell check (it does wonders).  Also, a friend, a colleague or any other acquaintance will be happy to give you some feedback. Know that we will revise your text to pick up any forgotten typos.

Bibliographic references

If your text contains citations, results of external research, images other than your own or any other external reference, they must be accompanied by their complete bibliographic reference. All images, photos and videos must be accompanied by a caption.

For different kinds of references:




Your words in different types of articles

Your article can take different forms, depending on your intention and the subject you want to talk about. Remember that you have to be the author of your post, even for graphic representations. Here are some examples of types of articles:


You tell about what you have experienced, tried, succeeded, or completely failed.

  • How I found the right finish for my project
  • How I found a way to mount 20 bundles of flooring to the 4th floor without straining
  • How I used the pandemic to connect and computerize my workshop
  • Isolation in workshop: how my virtual community helped me


Explain your methods. Give us a little history lesson. Relate scientific analyzes, statistics.  Remind us the rules of the art.

  • How I made my templates to speed up my work
  • Why do decorative brackets exist?
  • A little story about ...
  • Steps to install a complex crown moulding
  • How to compose an original door or window head with Bois Expansion moldings

Graphic representation

Use your talents as a draftsman, illustrator, designer to represent your ideas.

  • Steps for installing a complex crown moulding
  • Note-tips for cabinetmaker
  • 10 questions to ask your client to prepare your estimate

A little bit of technique

Sending your text

Go to this page to easily send us your article: 

Share your passion and your expertise on our blog.

If you prefer to use your preferred email application to send us your text, enter “Text for the blog: temporary title of your article” in the Subject line.  Insert tour file in your message (do not copy the article into the body of the message).  Write us a little introductory note.

Document format

It is easier for us to process Word type documents, with extensions . docs. We need to be able to edit the document.

Images and multimedia content

We will rework the images and multimedia content that you send us to crop and add references and captions. Photos, images, graphics and any other multimedia content must have been created by yourself. In the event that you need to use multimedia content from elsewhere, you must provide us with the precise source.

Small bio

We would appreciate a small bio and photo of yourself if possible.

What we will do when we receive your text

  • We will read it with great interest.
  • We will review it for any spelling mistakes and forgotten syntax errors.
  • We will contact you if we wish to enhance your article in one of the following ways:
    • We may believe that rewording is necessary.
    • We could add external hypertext links to be consistent with bibliographic references.
    • We may add hypertext links to our products or other items on our website.
  • We will rework the multimedia content (Images, photos, video) to crop and add references and captions.
  • If in doubt, we will search the internet to verify that your item is truly yours.

What we will not accept

  • Anything that is disrespectful of people, businesses, objects, concepts, or methods
  • Anything that could be offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate
  • Anything that would look like a link-building scheme
  • Anything that would be heavily focused on yourself or your business for self-promotion
  • We do not allow reposting the entire article on your blog, Linkedin, Facebook or any other website or social media . It would only be damaging to your article from a SEO perspective, from your end as well as ours.  You can, howerver, quote up to 75 words of your article on your blog, Linkedin, Facebook or any other website or social media of your choice. You can also reuse any photo, image, infographic or video you have included in your article as you wish. Using these will not hurt SEO. We strongly encourage you to share your post as much as you like.

Thank you again for your participation.  Happy writing and we look forward to reading your text!

The Bois Expansion team

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